Family Counseling

How does your family handle conflict?

How is your family functioning?

Are you looking to provide more harmony within your family through Family Counseling?

Our families provide each of us with a sense of identity and belonging.  Families should be a place of physical and emotional security and safety. Typically, family counseling occurs when a parent brings a child in for treatment for a mood disorder or disruptive behavior


Some issues that might be covered in family counseling include:






Behavioral Problems

Family issues typically contain problems that are solved as a family. When working with a family, a therapist can bring a less biased third party perspective to the conflict. Our goal is to help you find healthy ways of dealing with the everyday problems encountered in life, change old and negative behavior patterns, and to communicate healthier.

Family Counselors

Priscilla Hurd, LPC, M.Ed.

Priscilla Hurd, LPC, M.Ed.

Allison Proctor, LPC, M.Ed.

Allison Proctor, LPC, M.Ed.

Bracely Williams, LMFT, LPC

Bracely Williams, LMFT, LPC

Ready to Start?

If things aren’t going so well within your family, consider seeking the help of a therapist by pursuing family counseling, and click the Get Started Online button to make an appointment inquiry with us today at our office in Metairie, so we can get your family unit back on track together and on the path to success.

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