Anxiety Counseling


Are you looking to manage your anxiety through counseling?

Handling anxiety and stress involves not only discovering the triggers that cause these emotions, but also managing and understanding the brain. The brain can sometimes, in an attempt to keep us safe, spend too much of its time evaluating our current environment.  The brain goes into overdrive, matching perceived dangers to past memories of danger and pain.

These triggers in our present environment thus are connected to more serious events from our past.  This can sometimes cause a “fight, flight, or freeze” reaction that overloads the central nervous system.


Do you have symptoms that might indicate an anxiety disorder?  If you notice several of the following symptoms or signs that seem to never go away, you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder:



Do you find yourself constantly on edge, worried or tense?


Do you find yourself overwhelmed by fears that you know deep down are irrational?


Do you find your anxiety is interfering with your work, school, or family life?


Is your anxiety causing you to avoid everyday situations because of the anxiety that cause you?


Do you experience sudden anxiety attacks of heart-pounding panic?

Many people with anxiety disorders can also suffer from depression at some point.  Anxiety and depression are thought to stem from the same biological vulnerability.  And because depression can make anxiety worse and vice versa, it is important to seek treatment for both conditions.

Anxiety disorders respond very well to treatment.  And anxiety medication does not need to be the first or only treatment sought out for anxiety. Individual Counseling, Couples Counseling, or Family Counseling can be very effective with anxiety issues.

Ready to Start?

For anxiety counseling, we work with clients in identifying their triggers and in managing their effects through therapy.  Call us at 504-434-3577 or click the Get Started Online button to make an appointment inquiry with us today at our office in Metairie, so we can begin your anxiety treatment today.

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